Thursday, September 13, 2018

'Gentle aura' Goddess Joey Wong caught with poor posture in recent whereabout update

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1. [+25k] All she wants is a quiet life and you still secretly photograph her. Who wouldn’t age? If I look like this in my 50s, I’ll be so satisfied!

2. [+19k] Joey Wong seriously has it hard. Her photos were secretly taken and exposed by unethical media outlets and she still has to get mocked by the high and mighty passerby. At least she was once beautiful. What about you high and mighty passerby?

3. [+3824] (The) goddess is still so beautiful

4. [+1250] All we can do is blame Yuan Longping for feeding y'all too much. Stir this up tomorrow, stir that up tomorrow. We all grow old. Even someone as beautiful as a fairy will age...
(T/N: Yuan Longping is a Chinese agronomist and educator who developed the first hybrid rice variety in the 1970s which became a robust food source in areas with a high risk of famine.)

5. [+1029] Netizens are strict with female celebrities to the point of being cruel. She’s already at such an old age and out of showbiz...

6. [+454] Everyone will age

7. [+408] I just want to fucking ask if there exists someone who won’t age? It’s fine if you secretly photograph her. I can’t believe there are keyboard warriors insulting her

8. [+192] You're telling me she has a gentle aura in the first pic? Friend, are you misunderstanding something? 

9. [+152] It seems like the likelihood of meeting Joey Wong by chance is so high

(T/N: The collecting of evidence (for the translations) has ceased as it takes up more time than the act of translating itself (which makes no sense because I may as well translate more using that time). The past evidence will not be removed. I'll continue experimenting to seek out a more efficient manner. If found, the collecting of evidence will resume. Thank you for reading Weibo Go!)

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