Friday, December 21, 2018

Jackson Wang picks up the fallen shoes of his fans

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1. [+4064] I’ll do this in future and see if Jackson Yee picks up my shoes

2. [+3286] Can y’all come and make memes of Jackson Wang picking up shoes?

3. [+3096] Oh no, it’s your shoe. Hahahahaha Jackson Wang is picking up shoes everyday

4. [+2331] The main point is he even remembers who the shoes belong to

5. [+1767] Hahaha there is great joy in helping others

6. [+1416] Gaga is really down to earth

7. [+1389] Hahahahaha run after confiscating the shoes @WangJiaer

(Translation of pic: I’ll run after confiscating Jackson Wang) 

8. [+982] Hahahahahahahahhaahhaha Jackson Wang has issues. Where does he get so many shoes to pick up? Hahahahaha

9. [+609] He’s a helpful citizen who even helped someone to hold their pizza

10. [+567] I also have the same pair, so if you round it up...

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